Recent Grants

  2020 2019
Australian Mitochondrial Disease Foundation
Towards supporting a registered telehealth nurse to use the Mito helpline to help patients
navigate the health system and connect them with the best suited services.
10,000 10,000
Black Dog Institute
Future Proofing aims to prevent depression and anxiety in young people. This
ground-breaking initiative will engage 20,000 Year-8 students across 400 schools in NSW.
Funding will be used to engage parents, teachers, students through schools visits, support
communities in remote NSW and ensure stronger participation in the study.
Central Coast Kids In Need
To provide assistance with hospital support accommodation expenses to Central Coast
families of children with cancer and/or other prolonged illnesses who have to leave the
local area to receive specialist support in Sydney and Newcastle Hospitals.
Central Coast Outreach Services
Towards reconnecting the aged and frail. Senior accommodation, support and safety is the
rural and isolated communities program that provides immediate support to seniors and
elderly who are homeless, at risk of becoming homeless, residing in unaffordable
accommodation and in particular those who have been devastated by family or friends
who have relieved them of their savings, their furniture, their trust and their quality of life.
Cerebral Palsy Alliance
Towards providing Telepractice ‘starter packs’ containing items such as iPads, webcams,
data-packs, and other equipment used in therapy sessions. Starter packs will be prepared
by CPA and sent to families followings a needs-based assessment.
This project seeks to develop a visiting service to Aboriginal mothers at the pre-natal
stage. We have trained an Aboriginal Social Worker to help the mothers communicate
with the infant in the womb and after birth. The home visiting project will nurture the
mothers to emotionally bond with the infant and facilitate their attendance at the
support groups for pregnant and new mothers.
Heart Research Institute
This project will benefit Aboriginal Australians at risk of stiff heart failure. It has the
potential to bring novel treatments for stiff heart failure to the people that need them
quickly, extending their lives, and improving their quality of life.
12,260 10,000
Lifeline Macarthur
Towards mental health first aid which is a two-day course teaching adults how to assist
other adults who are experiencing a mental health crisis or developing a mental health
problem. This training is intended to supplement the current courses in Mental Health
First Aid.
North Foundation
Towards light therapy to treat mitochondrial disease. This project will research
the effects of light therapy as a treatment option for patients with mitochondrial disease.
If successful, this could develop a new and innovative treatment for patients.
Royal Flying Doctor Service of Australia (South Eastern Section)
Towards the purchase of equipment (an Afinion Analyser) for chronic disease
diagnosis/management. The equipment will enable mobile screening, monitoring and
management of diseases such as diabetes, heart disease and kidney disease.
Top Blokes Foundation
Towards the Top Blokes Foundation (TBF) mentoring program. TBF is a social education
organisation that improves young men’s mental health, emotional resilience and
community engagement by delivering 3-6 month peer-led mentoring programs for young
males aged 10-24. The programs focus on risk-taking behaviours, peer pressure and
mental health.
OTHER 167,500
TOTAL HEALTH 162,260 187,500
2020 2019
ABCN Scholarship Foundation
Towards mentoring financial scholarships for disadvantaged youth. Accelerate breaks
down educational barriers for disadvantaged youth. Without education and support, the
ability for young people to pursue a fulfilling career is significantly diminished and today’s
disadvantage may continue into adulthood and onto the next generation. Funding will
support 3 NSW scholars in Year 1.
Australian Academy of Technological Sciences and Engineering
Funding will be used to provide class sets of specialized STEM equipment and curriculum
resources to disadvantaged Australian secondary schools with high indigenous populations.
Teachers will be supported through workshops, curriculum resources, mentors, online and
phone support.
15,000 10,000
Berry Street
The Berry Street Education – Collective Leadership Program (BSECLP) builds upon the
national success of the original model focusing on training senior education staff and those
in leadership roles such as; Principals, Assistant Principals, Lead Teachers and Leaders of
Brotherhood of St Laurence
Towards the HIPPY Age three Demonstration Project in NSW. As a pilot of innovative
practice based on evidence that: ‘earlier the better to change children’s lives’ it will sit both
separately and extend the continuum of learning for the most disadvantaged/vulnerable
families in the community. HIPPY Age Three Demonstration Project will empower parents,
grandparents and other carers to be the child’s first teacher.
Camp Quality Limited
Camp Quality has commenced work on a major redevelopment of the Primary School
Education Program. This funding will assist with the scoping of the technology
enablement, which will augment and enhance the program for all children impacted by
cancer in both an educational setting and in-hospital.
Country Education Foundation of Australia
The ‘Volunteering Made Easy’ project will build on significant enhancements and upgrades
made to the Country Education Foundation of Australia’s (CEF) information technology
infrastructure in recent years to make volunteering for CEF easy and attractive.
15,000 15,000
Documentary Australia Foundation
This grant will be used to aid in the development, distribution, support and evaluation of
educational resources for TAFEs, based on the documentary Backtrack Boys. Education
resources will be developed for use in youth and social work studies in TAFE.
Engineering Aid Australia
Engineering Aid Australia ( EAA) raises funds for, promotes and conducts each year
two Indigenous Australian Engineering Schools (IAES). The aim of the IAES program
is to encourage and inspire the Indigenous students to complete High School
and go on to be become a Professional Engineer with a Degree in Engineering.
15,000 15,000
Harding Miller Education Foundation
The HMEF provides scholarships for disadvantaged, high potential girls at government
schools. Scholarships cover Years 9-12 and provide support to fulfil their potential,
complete school and go on to further study. This funding is for 17 scholarships for
indigenous, remotely located and disadvantaged, bright students in NSW.
14,500 14,450
Karrkad Kanjdji Trust
The Nawarddeken Academy is an independent, bicultural school located in the remote
Warddeken Indigenous Protected Area (IPA). The Academy provides education to Bininj
(Indigenous) children, helping families to live and work in the Kabulwarnamyo community.
In 2020, the Academy is focused on strengthening its Indigenous Language and Culture
(ILC) curriculum. Underpinning this would be the development of an Indigenous seasonal
calendar based on the environment of the Arnhem Plateau.
Multicultural Communities Council of Illawarra Inc
Over 12 months a weekly 2 hour workshop will be implemented with elders from the
Karenni (Burmese) community teaching young people how to use traditional methods
of weaving to make clothes, scarves and bags that are culturally significant to their
OzHarvest Limited
The Nourish Program provides hospitality focused education, mentoring and employment
pathways for at-risk youth aged 16-25. This support will give 7 Sydney youth the
opportunity to join this 18-week program and graduate with a Certificate II in Kitchen
Operations. Funding will contribute to training, assessment and certification; supplies;
and kitchen equipment.
Phoenix House Youth Services
Funding towards ‘Alternative Pathway to Education’. The primary target group is “at risk”
young people who have been disengaged from education and not in employment. Many of
these young people are affected by a number of factors including: family breakdown,
drug and or alcohol abuse, mental health issues, domestic violence and homelessness.
Raise Foundation
Funding towards the ‘In School Mentoring Program’ which is a youth mentoring program for
15 at-risk students. Each student has personal reasons for disengaging from learning
and these often include issues like eating disorders, bullying and disconnected families.
Royal Institute for Deaf and Blind Children
Funding towards ‘Resources for Children with Vision Loss’. RIDBC wants to invest in 3D
printing to produce resources for children are blind or have significant vision impairment.
Using the technology braille books, picture books and teaching materials can be made with
greater flexibility in colour, height and size.
13,060 10,000
SDN Child & Family Services Pty Limited
Towards SDN’s pioneering Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Early Childhood
Scholarships to help to reduce financial barriers for Aboriginal families to access quality
education for their children in the formative years before school.
12,000 12,000
Sir David Martin Foundation
Triple Care Farm – funding will be towards enabling best practice treatment for youth drug
and alcohol addiction. Specifically towards funding the individually tailored, Vocation and
Educational training program for each student during their 12 week stay.
Sydney Heritage Fleet
To restore to operating condition the 1927 Steamship John Oxley, one of the few
remaining examples of Australian coastal steamers of that era.
Sydney Story Factory
‘Deepening Creative Writing Impacts’ with one Liverpool primary school who participated
in our ‘Changing Communities Through Creative Writing’ program. Each term, the
Storytellers and volunteer writing tutors will deliver weekly hour-long workshops
for 2 classes of up to 25 students each; deepening impacts for students and continuing
to build their self-confidence, writing & literacy skills to help improve educational outcomes.
15,000 50,000
The Mirabel Foundation Inc
The Bridging the Gap Education Program will meet the unique educational needs of young
people who have been orphaned or abandoned as a result of parental drug use in the Hunter
region of NSW. This program will assist young people to reach their full education potential
through the provision of tutoring, educational support and school advocacy.
Tweed Valley Early Childhood Intervention Service Ltd t/as Shaping Outcomes
First Steps will provide free one on one contact & support services to 35 families who are
first finding out about or coming to terms with their child’s disability.
University of New South Wales
The Sir Rupert Myers Sustainability Award – this fund supports start-ups that
show exceptional potential with much-needed early stage funding to accelerate their
growth. ‘The Sir Rupert Myers Sustainability Award’ is to be awarded to a start-up that
demonstrates commitment to ‘Environmental, Social, Governance’.
Women’s Community Shelters
The Walk the Talk educational program educates and engages high school students
around the issues of domestic and family violence, respectful relationships, gender bias,
gender equality and seeks to convert the knowledge and learning into action – with students
adopting their local shelter to provide support via fundraising, in kind contributions, raised
awareness and other assistance. This funding will assist to extend their program into
more schools across NSW
Youth Off the Streets
“Step Up” Alternative Education Program; will benefit disadvantaged youth to allow YOT’s
to continue providing a flexible and supportive learning environment where disadvantaged
young people can pursue further education, training and employment post-school.
15,000 15,000
OTHER 252,804
2020 2019
Australian Wildlife Conservancy
Feral predators (cats/foxes) are the greatest threat to native Australian wildlife, killing
millions of animals every night. There is currently no solution to controlling feral cats on
a landscape scale. AWC is a leader in feral predator management/research and is
conducting a significant research project to better understand these threats, improve
control methods and drive a sustainable increase in native wildlife abundance. This grant
will support the final phase of the project including development of a novel statistical method
to more accurately determine feral predator density.
15,000 10,000
Beyond Zero Emissions Inc
Beyond Zero Emissions’ ‘Working together for a smart, clean Hunter’ project will empower
communities to create their own vision for a renewable, diversified and resilient Hunter
Valley. They will work with community and draw on their existing research, and community
of volunteer researchers and pro bono experts, to bring the best minds and solutions
to this project.
Climateworks Australia
Funding towards the establishment phase for modelling zero emissions. To establish a
targeted advisory group of transport sector leaders (a Strategic Advisory Group and/or a
Technical Advisory Group) to build consensus on the scenarios to be considered. This is
modelled on the process taken to define scenarios for the Climateworks Decarbonisation
Futures research.
EDO NSW (Environmental Defenders Office Ltd
Funding towards ‘Reforming our Native Vegetation Laws’. EDO wants to design,
develop & publish a blueprint (underpinned by the best available science) for the effective,
sustainable management of native vegetation in NSW. The blueprint will become a report
(working title: “10 ways to fix NSW vegetation laws for healthy, resilient landscapes”).
Foundation for Australia’s Most Endangered Species Ltd
Funding towards teaching kids to save Aussie Critters. The aim of this project is to build
awareness of Australia’s endangered species and the impact of climate change on our
wildlife amongst primary school students. Based around Threatened Species Day
(7 September) this project will provide free fun and educational activities and resources
for students to develop understanding, empathy and appreciation to ultimately take action
to save our native species from extinction.
Rainforest Rescue
To purchase and provide subsequent protection of Lot 27 Cape Tribulation Rd, Daintree.
Covered with intact tropical lowland rainforest and containing high levels of biodiversity, the
project aim is to secure this property, adding it to our expanding Cape Kimberley Wildlife
15,000 15,000
Taronga Conservation Society Australia
Funding will enable genetic and stable isotope analysis to be conducted on 215 green
turtle samples collected from NSW waters to investigate natal origins and identify important
foraging habitats on the NSW coast.
The Trustee for the Sydney Institute of Marine Science
This project will advance coral aquaculture practices for the purpose of NSW reef
restoration, and further SIMS expertise in habitat restoration. Two facets of coral aquaculture
will be examined 1) How seawater can be manipulated to enhance coral growth and
2) How living in an aquarium changes the coral and affects the survival of these aquacultured
corals when released back in the wild. There is a critical need for this research as the
effectiveness of these aquaculture efforts in NSW reef restoration are currently unknown.
OTHER 86,530
TOTAL ENVIRONMENT 147,500 111,530
2020 2019
Assistance Dogs Australia Limited
To purchase 6 puppies, who will go on to assist Australian’s in need of physical or
mental support. To meet training capacity, Assistance Dogs Australia is required to
acquire 60 healthy, intelligent and good tempered puppies annually. To meet this figure,
Assistance Dogs Australia has established an internal breeding program in addition to
external puppy acquisition.
Australian Refugee Volunteers Inc
Funding towards ARV’s Kids Program, which caters to children from refugee and asylum
seeker backgrounds, aged 6 to 11, in Sydney.  The Kids Program runs monthly activity
for the children, who are picked up from their homes, provided lunch, and supervised for
the day, before being taken back home again in the afternoon.
8,600 8,600
Australian Theatre for Young People
Funding towards a detailed, multi-week unit of work for students in years 4-6 based on
ATYP’s 2018 production of Charlie Pilgrim (or A Beginner’s Guide to Time Travel), an
original play for 10-13 year-old performers. This unit of work will contain stimulating
activities with a creative arts focus and will take students into the world of the play and
allow them to explore the theatre making process. The unit of work will be available for
download on ATYP On Demand.
Bangarra Dance Theatre
Bangarra Dance Theatre will roll out their youth engagement program- Rekindling.
Rekindling is a program that transforms the lives of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander
youth across Australia. Through intergenerational activities and collaborative learning,
young people and their communities re-ignite a passion for traditional knowledge and
practices, whilst establishing contemporary learning pathways that ensure Indigenous
culture is shared and continued.
Barnardos Australia
The Aboriginal Early Start program welcomes over 100 pre-school children and their families
every year, across almost 20 rural-remote locations in NSW such as Binnaway, Gulgong,
Cobar and Nyngan. Families experiencing isolation or other issues engage in activities run
by qualified Aboriginal education workers in order to build relationships, skills, confidence,
capacity and strong sense of culture and community. Families socialise in a safe
environment focused on learning and play. Funding will go towards resources such as books,
equipment, art supplies, toys, food and facilitators.
12,000 5,000
Endeavour Foundation
Endeavour Foundation’s Seven Hills facility has developed a niche offering as a
pharmaceutical packaging site providing meaningful, stable employment for more than
90 people with intellectual disability. Pharmaceutical packaging accounts for 70% of the
site’s current workload. This funding is to replace an aging packaging machine which
has been in use for more than two decades.
Gondwana Choirs
Gondwana National Choral School is the leading destination for young musicians from
across Australia to develop their performance skills and access the highest level of musical
training. Each January, 300 young singers, composers and conductors undertake intensive
rehearsals, electives and performances led by Australia’s leading artists. Funding will
go towards providing National Choral School bursaries.
15,000 10,000
Holdsworth St Community Centre Woollahra Inc
Drama at Holdsworth is a series of drama workshops, in partnership with Sydney Theatre
Company, for people living with intellectual disability. Drama at Holdsworth focuses on
dramatic skills such as movement, verbal and non-verbal expression, creative
communication, developing ideas, storytelling and teamwork to deliver a shared project.
10,000 15,000
St Michael’s Refurbishment project. This funding is to contribute to the refurbishment of
one of the buildings for the purpose of becoming a new, specialised day service for aging
individuals living with disability. These funds will assist in the renovation of all bathrooms to
allow the needs of the individuals attending the day service to be catered for properly. It will
also provide a safe environment for support staff to work with individuals, while ensuring
individuals can be comfortably and safely supported in a dignified way.
Infants’ Home Ashfield
This funding will support the delivery of the free Fathers’ and Children’s
Community Playgroup, which runs fortnightly for two hours on Saturday mornings during
school terms for male parents and carers and their children from birth to school age. The
playgroup is run by an early childhood teacher and an assistant, with at least two visits per
term by staff from the allied health team (comprising speech therapists, occupational
therapists and social workers).
Karinya House Home for Mothers and Babies Inc
Final phase of a three year capacity building project: Complete full compliance of all
governance frameworks, including evidence, within the online Standards and Performance
Pathways (SPP) system. This funding will partly support engagement of an Executive
Officer to support the final implementation phase.
15,000 15,000
Kids Giving Back
This funding is towards the Youth ChangeMaker Program. This initiative connects 14-18
year olds to volunteering experiences within a  program framework responsive to the needs
of teenagers offering choice, flexibility, diversity, ownership and a sense of belonging.
50,000 12,500
Lentil as Anything Newtown
This project will fit out a dedicated training kitchen at Lentil as Anything (LAA) Newtown to
provide hospitality training to job insecure and socially excluded people and to provide
post-training employment opportunities in the restaurant or in catering. This grant will ensure
the capacity and quality of the new kitchen is sustainable and maintains its impact over time.
Milk Crate Theatre
Milk Crate Theatre begins the creative development of the new performance work,
Tiny Universe – exploring the delineation between inner and outer “universes” – what we
present to the world, and what is actually happening behind closed doors.
50,000 10,000
Mission Australia
Grandparents Raising Grandchildren (GRG) Illawarra (Nowra/Ulladulla/Shellharbour),
supports grandparents (GPs) who have become the fulltime custodian for their
grandchildren (GC), often in very desperate circumstances.  They are often socially
isolated, totally overwhelmed & financially struggling. GRG helps the GPs to cope with
their new role by providing social support groups, counselling, financial advice, parenting
classes, respite weekends, homework club, holiday programs, case worker support,
connection to other support services & help to navigate legal & other challenges.
Monkey Baa Theatre Company
Having expanded the number of young participants in the creative process, they are now
deepening their engagement with the low SES communities in which they have been
working. At the heart of their latest work, THE DARKLINGS, is the relationship between
grandparent and child. This will form the basis of six inter-generational creative discovery
workshops they will undertake with Bankstown West PS and Darcy Road PS in 2020.
60  x 10 year olds and their grandparents will take part in these workshops with a team of
professional artists and led by Creative Director Eva Di Cesare.
15,000 25,000
Northern Beaches Women’s Shelter
Funding is towards the disability access and safety upgrade to the women’s shelter.
The properties they rent to provide shelter and safety for their residents, are currently
not equipped to welcome and support women who require special access due to disability.
Open Support (previously Sisters of Charity Outreach)
Funding is towards providing safe housing for women and children. Funding will be used
to expand their service to provide transitional (4–18 mths) housing and wrap-around support
for these families, particularly mothers & children who, because of their visa conditions,
have no access to income/benefits.
Cancer journey program NSW. This program provides vital emotional, financial and
education support to children and young people with cancer, and their families.
10,000 5,000
Taree Police & Community Youth Club (PYCY)
Heart to Heart is an art based welfare program, with a target group of teenage girls aged
12-16, who present with various risk factors. Each program runs for 8 weeks, with a 3 hour
program session on 8 consecutive Fridays.  Each session involves the girls engaging in
art/painting based meditation, & exercises in mindfulness, as well as deep speak support
discussions with program mentors.
The Alannah and Madeline Foundation
The Alannah & Madeline Foundation provide support and comfort for vulnerable children
entering emergency accommodation by providing each child with a Buddy Bag. Each
Buddy Bag contains new, basic essentials including toothbrush and toothpaste, pyjamas,
socks, underwear, and a teddy bear. This funding will provide 200 children in NSW with
Buddy Bags.
The Girls and Boys Brigade
The Children’s Program is for children aged 5-12 for out of school hours care and
vacation care, and to participate in a variety of programs that facilitate their emotional,
social and cognitive development. We provide education and support services required
to enhance each child’s long term wellbeing. This is done in an inclusive and respectful
environment. Included in the Children’s Program is an after-school homework program;
Vacation care during school holidays, and; Outdoor adventure camps.
15,000 10,000
The Marmalade Foundation Limited
Consistent monthly supervision for the 5 staff members of Lou’s place. Supervision consists
of a supervisor that acts as a bridge between the staff member and Lou’s place. It works to
develop skills, knowledge and clear thinking to assist staff members in their roles. It also
provides sound advice, emotional support and well-being.
OTHER 214,770
GRAND TOTAL 1,059,619 1,024,154