Recent Grants

  2021 2020
Auburn Hospital (Western Sydney Local Health District)
This funding will go towards the refurbishment of two counselling rooms at Auburn Hospital
using trauma-informed design which promotes physical and psychological safety.
Australian Mitochondrial Disease Foundation
Funding will continue the support of the Patient Pathways Telehealth Program (PPTP).
This program helps patients with serious and rare diseases (such as mitochondrial disease
(mito)) to navigate the health system and connect them with personalised services and
information via dedicated nurses.
10,000 10,000
Batten Disease Support & Research Association Inc
This funding is for the development, production, publication and distribution of an illustrated
children’s book (4yrs+) which will explain Batten disease to siblings and friends of children
with Batten disease in a way that is simple to understand.
Butterfly Foundation
This funding will go towards Australia’s first residential recovery centre for eating disorders.
Wandi Nerida will bridge the gap between inpatient and community treatment. Due to open
in mid-2021 in Queensland, the facility will deliver intensive multi-disciplinary care in a
home-like environment.
Delta Society Australia Limited
This will fund two days of assessments and one day of training for 45 new Delta Therapy
Dog volunteers, in order to place them with 45 new facilities needing Animal-Assisted
Down Syndrome Association of NSW Inc
This funding is for the development and piloting of a help guide for community organisations
to invite and include young people with Down syndrome to volunteer. This also supports the
design & translation of all resources into an “easy read” format for people with an intellectual
disability to understand. It will also support a Project Officer for a fixed term.
Heart Research Institute Limited
This funding is to support further research for obstructive sleep apnoea (OSA) which is a
form of irregular breathing during sleep affecting up to 30% of adults. Unfortunately,
sleep apnoea is grossly underdiagnosed in the indigenous populations.
15,000 12,260
Miracle Babies Foundation Ltd
This funding is for weekly NurtureTime sessions in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU)
at John Hunter Hospital, Newcastle. NurtureTime is an in-hospital peer support for families
going through the emotionally challenging journey of watching their premature or sick
newborn fight for their life in the NICU.
Multiple Sclerosis Limited
This funding is to purchase a Tilt Table to assist individuals attending the MS Study Centre
gym which provides a wide range of specialised equipment to assist people living with
multiple sclerosis and other neurological conditions.
NSW Service for the Treatment and Rehabilitation of Torture and Trauma Survivors
The Refugee Resettlement Swimming and Water Safety Project will provide intensive
swimming and water safety awareness lessons for children 6 to 14yrs from new and
emerging refugee backgrounds living in Newcastle, Coffs Harbour and Armidale.
Royal District Nursing Service Limited
To purchase ten portable Doppler ultrasound devices for use in improving the assessment
of leg ulcers and treatment for the At Home Support nurses and Local Area Teams across
all of the aged care services in NSW.
Salt Care
Funding is for partial running costs of the Ulladulla Trauma Care Groups. They facilitate
support groups for people who have experienced trauma due to bushfires. These groups
will follow a framework for understanding trauma, myth-busting about trauma and
strategies for living with trauma.
Sir David Martin Foundation
Triple Care Farm is a unique, holistic program giving vulnerable young Australians, aged
16-24, a safe place to get well from substance addiction. Funding provides individually
tailored support with counselling and opportunity to gain useful life skills. For those who
missed schooling, literacy & numeracy lessons are provided, as well as vocational training
such as a Cert II (Skills for Work & Training – Yr10 equivalent).
Strong Mothers
Funding to support nurturing Aboriginal mothers and infants. The nutrition program
‘Nurturing Our People’ benefits young Aboriginal mothers and their children, from pregnancy
to six years. The aim is to visit and run Webinars for mothers and Health Professionals in
regional and rural Aboriginal areas and distribute the Aboriginal Cook Book to encourage
healthy fresh food to cook and eat during vital stages of pregnancy, breast-feeding and
introducing solids.
The Humour Foundation
To support the Clown Doctors program which has enhanced the emotional wellbeing of
children with life-limiting conditions and their families cared for at Bear Cottage children’s
hospice (NSW). Through skills in clowning/music/mime/magic and fun, the therapeutic
benefits of humour help empower children and make their experience a less scary,
stressful and lonely one.
OTHER 140,000
TOTAL HEALTH 174,400 162,260
2021 2020
ABCN Scholarship Foundation
Funding will support the three NSW scholars currently benefiting from the Kirby Foundation
to continue from Year 11 into the second year of the program to Year 12. Accelerate is a
3-year mentoring and financial support program which aims to level the playing field and
overcomes educational barriers for high-potential, disadvantaged youth.
11,760 11,760
Ability Technology Limited
Tablet devices (such as iPads) are now central for people with disability. They provide
communication, information & home control possibilities. But people with the most severe
level of disability have been excluded from these benefits. Their options are very limited –
eye gaze, facial expression & head tracking are emerging as possibilities. This project
will evaluate & compare these options.
Art Gallery of NSW
Regional Exchange Digital (RED) is a multi-faceted regional outreach education program
developed by AGNSW in partnership with the NSW Department of Education, NSW schools,
public galleries and art centres, Aboriginal Elders, communities and artists. During FY 2022
it will be delivered in Brewarrina and Kempsey.
Autism Spectrum Australia (Aspect)
Funding to help purchase a mobile kitchen/food trailer with equipment to run a food science
and work education program for our autistic senior students at Aspect Riverina School.
A trailer would enable the sale of freshly made nutritious food items such as juices, smoothies
and fruit salads to the local community. This helps the students on the autism spectrum to practice
their social interaction and communication skills, as well as to raise awareness for autism
in the local community.
Country Education Foundation of Australia Ltd
The ‘Alumni Connect’ project will build on the significant work undertaken over the last
two years to reconnect and increase engagement with the CEF Alumni network. Like
the Committee Portal for volunteers, this resource will provide a central place to house
information and opportunities for our alumni.
10,000 15,000
Engineering Aid Australia
The grant will be applied towards meeting the cost of the annual Indigenous Australian
Engineering Schools (IAES) to be held in Sydney and Perth. This provides scholarships
to eligible students who attend the IAES for the purpose of encouraging and assisting
them to complete High School and go on to study Engineering or a related course at
University and become an Engineer.
15,000 15,000
Harding Miller Education Foundation Ltd
This grant will help continue the support of seventeen Harding Miller Education Foundation
scholars in their third year of the academic scholarships in 2020. The James N. Kirby
Foundation will be supporting the same girls with the same package of online homework
help and expense cards for school needs, excursions and uniforms.
14,450 14,500
Indigenous Literacy Foundation
This funding helps to provide 1,500 books to remote Indigenous communities across NSW
and to help build a culture of literacy and fostering positive reading behaviours. In 2021,
the goal is to deliver 100,000 books to 300 remote communities. The ILF program helps
Indigenous children become familiar with English language, opens up their imaginations
and provides families with high quality books to share with their children.
Infants’ Home Ashfield
The Circle of Security (CoS) is an 8-week parenting program, which helps parents
and carers to increase their understanding of their child’s needs and emotions. This program
will be delivered specifically for fathers and male carers by qualified CoS facilitators. It will
assist parents and carers to understand their child’s behaviour, strengthen their relationship
with their child and enhance their child’s confidence, wellbeing and self-esteem.
Karrkad-Kanjdji Trust
This funding supports the production of a plant and animal calendar. The Nawarddeken
Academy (NA) is a bicultural school in the Warddeken Indigenous Protected Area (IPA),
educating Bininj (Indigenous) children. In 2020, JNKF supported creating an Indigenous
seasonal calendar, based on the seasons of the Kuwarddewardde (Arnhem Plateau).
This is being expanded by developing thematic calendars to complement the seasonal
calendar and allow for the documentation of cultural/local indigenous knowledge to be
used for education as part of the NA’s Indigenous Culture & Language (ILC) program.
14,850 25,000
Learning Links
Learning Links will collaborate with the NSW Aboriginal Education Consultative Group
and the Liverpool Local Aboriginal Education Consultative Group to deliver innovative
early interventions for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander (ATSI) children in years 1-4
at a priority school in Liverpool. The program will be based on an innovative and proven
Learning Links model of intervention for ATSI children and build their capabilities and
confidence in the foundational skills of literacy and numeracy to achieve lasting
social change.
NextSense (Previously RIDBC)
This funding will help cover the fees of music therapists who run the weekly/fortnightly
music-therapy program in Western Sydney for vision and/or hearing-impaired children.
Aimed at giving the children, many of whom have complex needs, a rich learning opportunity
to develop cognitive skills. Each session is run by RIDBC staff and one music therapist.
15,000 13,060
SDN Child and Family Services Pty Limited
SDN’s pioneering scholarships help to reduce financial barriers for Aboriginal and Torres
Strait Islander families, allowing them to access quality education and care for their children
in the year before school. The scholarship enables a child to attend an SDN Centre 2 days
a week for a period of 12 months.
6,000 12,000
Sydney Story Factory
Across two school terms, Story Factory will improve the educational outcomes of marginalised
young people in Western Sydney by delivering weekly hour-long creative writing workshops
to four classes of up to 25 students each.
15,000 15,000
The Australian Literacy and Numeracy Foundation
Funding to help provide vital Early Language and Literacy support to the Giiguy Gamambi
Preschool in establishing a Supported Playgroup for at-risk Aboriginal children on the
NSW Mid-North Coast.
The Shepherd Centre
HearHub is an online platform providing clinical support and education for deaf children.
It will provide early childhood professionals and clinicians with the cutting-edge resources
they need to develop speech, communication and social skills. With this support, children
will overcome the disadvantages of their disability, reaching their full potential. Long-term,
HearHub will operate sustainably as a social enterprise, with professionals purchasing
subscriptions. The specific focus of this application is the design of HearHub resources to
develop social skills in deaf children.
The Smith Family
Girls at the Centre is an early intervention mentoring program improving educational
outcomes for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander girls experiencing disadvantage, and
at risk of disengaging from school. It aims to strengthen the social, emotional and academic
aspirations of participants, increase their confidence, connections and wellbeing and increase
attendance and achievement at school.
The University of Newcastle
Funding to support the development and expansion of RoboCup Junior Hunter Region.
The grant will fund two events in July/August 2022, in Newcastle and the Central Coast.
Funding will enable technical experts to run hands-on workshops on robotics for teachers
and students in low-SES schools. They also target indigenous students, specifically
with mentoring and support for selected schools.
University of Technology Sydney
STEM students spend significant time developing cutting edge technology as part of their
studies. This project will prepare an entrepreneurship program for women focused on
developing STEM students with entrepreneurial mindsets and skillsets.
Vision Australia Limited
Funding to purchase an updated version of the Duxbury Braille Translator (DBT) software,
which converts words to braille to produce accurate braille documents for clients. This software
enables independence, supports literacy skill development and provides equal access to
learning for those who use braille as a communication tool.
OTHER 262,375
2021 2020
Australian Wildlife Conservancy
Funding to support the national rewilding program, which will restore 25 threatened species over
the next five years. Also to translocate the critically endangered Brush-tailed Bettong (Woylie)
from Karakamia Wildlife Sanctuary (WA) to Scotia Wildlife Sanctuary (NSW) in late 2021.
40,000 15,000
Bush Heritage Australia Fund
Sections of Tarcutta Hills woodlands are experiencing a phenomenon known as ‘locked-in’
due to vigorous regeneration after being selectively logged prior to Bush Heritage ownership.
In ‘locked-in’ areas, tree growth slows leaving a high density of short-statured trees, and a
depleted understorey of shrubs, grasses and herbs. A dedicated research and trial project will
examine tree thinning options by employing a university student to conduct desktop and field
research. They will then develop recommendations and an implementation plan to begin
safely thinning parts of locked-in woodland.
Centennial Parkland Foundation
The Education Access Pass Program (EAPP) enables children from low socio-economic
backgrounds to participate in nature education programs at Centennial Parklands. Many
children in Sydney and across NSW have never experienced a school excursion, after
school or school holiday program. Funding will enable 1,680 children living in central or
greater Sydney to enjoy unique nature education experiences in Australia’s iconic
Centennial Parklands from July 2021 to June 2022.
Documentary Australia Foundation
The grant will support the creation, implementation and evaluation of a strategic impact
campaign for the Regenerate Australia ‘hero’ short film. The film offers up an irresistible
vision of a safer, fairer, more resilient Australia, drawing on key insights from a community
listening campaign to create a compelling roadmap to a more sustainable future by 2030.
20,000 7,500
EDO will develop and publish a report which conducts a legal health check on Australia’s
implementation of the right to a healthy environment, using the UN Framework Principles
on Human Rights and the Environment. This report will contain a series of case studies to
demonstrate this link from a legal perspective.
20,000 10,000
NSW Wildlife Information and Rescue Service
WIRES is Australia’s largest wildlife rescue organisation. WIRES has been rescuing and
caring for wildlife for over 35 years. This funding will go towards an emergency rescue trailer
that will enable carers to attend more remote wildlife rescues and have the resources at
hand to provide more immediate care to sick, injured or orphaned wildlife during any
emergency event such as bushfire or flood.
Rainforest Rescue
Rain Forest Rescue has planted 230,000+ trees to repair the Daintree rainforest, grown
at their own Nursery, producing almost half the region’s seedling capacity. RR has been
granted land to build a New Nursery (75-150k trees annually). This funding will go towards a
tractor and loader to dig holes, slash weeds, load soil and move heavy blocks in the massive
building process. This purchase will ensure the New Nursery’s success in achieving the
highest seedling production possible.
15,000 15,000
Royal Botanic Gardens and Domain Trust
The digitisation project is building a vast dataset of images that will be globally accessible
and provide opportunities to share knowledge and support the next scientific breakthrough.
These invaluable botanical resources hold the key to solving some of the most critical
environmental challenges and develop the tools to encourage a more sustainable future.
OTHER 100,000
TOTAL ENVIRONMENT 159,550 147,500
2021 2020
Agape Outreach Inc
Funding towards two paid part-time managers who can put in 25 hours each week to
help coordinate and assist clients’ needs and welfare alongside our 20 volunteers, and a
client management system that will help keep track of clients and queries and not have
people being left unassisted.
Australian Theatre for Young People
To provide 100 students from Western Sydney, aged between 10-13, who face financial,
social and geographical disadvantages with the opportunity to partake in an enriching theatre
experience. In 2021, we aim to support children from economically disadvantaged,
cultural and linguistic backgrounds by providing them the opportunity to spend the day with
the Australian Theatre and travel to Sydney to see a live theatre performance, as well as
taking part in an ATYP workshop with an ATYP teaching artist.
14,530 10,000
Australian Youth Orchestra
The project will strengthen the NSW arts community by connecting AYO musicians with
local mentors, diverse audiences and each other through innovative development programs
that are otherwise unavailable in Australia. Musicians will perform a world premiere, learn
from and be inspired by leading artists in the prestigious Sydney Town Hall. The funding will
go toward accessible and subsidised entry for young musicians and local communities who
would otherwise be unable to access the project due to financial, social, and geographical
hardship; venue and instrument hire; and specialist tutors.
Bangarra Dance Theatre
Bangarra will move into the core delivery year of our flagship youth engagement program
“Rekindling” in Moree during 2021. Rekindling is a program that transforms the lives of
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander young people. Through intergenerational activities and
collaborative learning, participants and communities re-ignite passion for traditional knowledge
and practices, whilst establishing contemporary learning pathways that ensure Indigenous
culture is shared and continued. Rekindling is delivered over 4 weeks and this funding will
support the cost to offer the program free of charge.
10,000 10,000
Bobby Goldsmith Foundation
Funding to purchase six laptops, licenses and a portable printer to increase the capacity,
mobility and efficiency of BGF’s Client Services team, which includes Case Workers,
Case Managers and Community Support Workers.
Camp Breakaway Inc
Funding to purchase twelve adjustable electric beds to replace the old hospital manual beds
to improve the overall experience for all the guests that stay and also for the workers.
Eat Up Australia Ltd
Eat Up’s mission is to feed hungry students so they can grow, learn and succeed.
Volunteer sandwich-making sessions and donations of materials, ingredients and snacks
help keep program costs very low. Funding will go towards purchasing cheese to help feed
900+ NSW hungry schoolkids over three terms in 2021-2022, while we work to secure a
major cheese sponsor.
FLING Physical Theatre Inc
My Black Dog is a powerful original performance created by FLING Physical Theatre
in collaboration with director Kate Denborough. The award-winning work was presented
in 2019 and explores mental health issues affecting young people in regional locations.
Their vision is to create a cinematic version of My Black Dog to be screened in remote and
regional communities across Australia with an accompanying education package. The
project will be presented in collaboration with Headspace Bega, and the broader NSW
Headspace network. Funding sought will employ artists and support production costs.
Milk Crate Theatre
Bunan (Dust Storm) is a new Australian performance work sharing the story of a group
who find themselves trapped in a small country town after a dust storm. Funding will go
towards engaging a guest writer and production team to work with our Collaborative
Artists to finalise the script and to bring the work to the stage in early 2022.
10,000 50,000
Muscular Dystrophy NSW
Peer Connections supports families affected by neuromuscular conditions (NMC).
It works to decrease social isolation, support transitions as conditions progress and
provide respite. It ensures that participants are supported and empowered throughout life
stages by connecting with others with similar lived experience.
Funding to support the Cancer Journey Program NSW. This program provides vital emotional,
financial and educational support to children up to age 18 with cancer, and their families.
Redkite is there for them from the devastating moment of diagnosis, during treatment and
on return home.
10,000 10,000
Refugee Advice and Casework Service (Australia) Inc
Provides refugee women & girls with access to free, confidential legal support in a
‘women only’ safe space.
Riding for the Disabled Association NSW Goulburn Centre
Riding for the Disabled Association (NSW) Goulburn Centre (RDA Goulburn) provides horse
related activities to enrich the lives of people living with disabilities using therapy horses.
This organisation has been successfully servicing the Goulburn and surrounding
communities for the past 40 years.
Rizeup Limited
RizeUp helps families impacted by domestic violence on their journey from violence to
safety. During 2021, Rizeup aims to launch in the Newcastle and Hunter Region to provide
practical support for families affected. Funding is to provide 45 comfort packs for the Homes
Program, including children’s beds, mattresses and linen to change the ending for these
Stewart House
This project will give ten disadvantaged children aged 7-14 access to health and wellbeing
support through the Stewart House program. These children will be drawn from public
schools across NSW and will be nominated to attend by their home school principal.
TAD Disability Services
Solving Challenges and Reaching Goals aims to relieve the poverty and suffering of children
as a result of their disability, for example, missing out on activities because they don’t have
the personalised equipment suited to their physical and cognitive needs. This project will
enable young people living with a disability to engage in age-appropriate activities which
build skills such as independence, confidence as well as benefiting from physical activity,
emotional well-being, social inclusion and community engagement opportunities by
subsiding or fully funding custom equipment.
Taree Police & Community Youth Club (PCYC)
Heart to Heart is an art-based welfare program, with a target group of teenage girls aged
12-16, who present with various risk factors. Risk of self-harm, disengagement from
education, homelessness, risk of early entry into the criminal justice system, physical,
psychological or sexual abuse. Each program runs for eight weeks, with a 3 hour program
session on eight consecutive Fridays.
15,000 15,000
The Bell Shakespeare Company Limited
To support a one-week creative development of a new filmed series of Shakespeare
resources for students and teachers called In The Round. Designed for Australian students,
these resources will fill curriculum needs in a rich, on-demand digital format to ensure that
schools receive high-quality Shakespeare resources when they need them and will
complement our live national education and performance programs.
The Girls and Boys Brigade
The Youth Vacation Care Program is for 11 – 18-year-olds and provides a safe place
for youth to hang out and access free activities during the school holidays. The program
delivers a range of workshops and activities in our centre at Surry Hills, such as art days,
song writing workshops and movie and gaming days.
7,500 15,000
The Northcott Society
One in six Australians has hearing loss, and a further 357,000 are blind or have low
vision (ABS, 2016). Many people attending Northcott Penrith community space have
hearing loss and vision impairment besides other disabilities. Funding is to install a hearing
loop and upgrade braille tactile resources, assuring an inclusive environment for current
and future customers and staff with hearing and/or vision impairment.
Wesley Community Services Limited
Wesley Mission is redeveloping the Edward Eagar Centre to upgrade its crisis
accommodation service in Surry Hills. 662 people accessed the Wesley Edward Eager
Centre in 2018-19. Funding will go towards the redevelopment of two studio units in a floor
that is exclusively dedicated for accommodation to women clients experiencing the risk
of homelessness.
Youth Insearch
A local Aboriginal woman will be engaged to work part-time as a Youth Support Worker
within the northern NSW community of Tingha. She will leverage her lived experience as
a place-based mentor and ‘graduate’ of our Youth Leader program. Supported by our
Regional Coordinator, she will work directly one-to-one with young people, deliver weekly
support groups, weekend workshops, and support young people to engage in our Leadership
Training. She will support around fifteen Aboriginal youth and empower them to redress
childhood traumas and pursue a purpose-driven future through education and employment.
28,500 30,000
OTHER 226,164
GRAND TOTAL 1,004,820 1,059,619