Foundation Objectives

For over 50 years, The James N Kirby Foundation has been and continues to be committed to supporting organisations that provide innovative solutions and opportunities to those in our community who need it most. Our Foundation considers requests under the following four categories, seeking to support organisations and programs whose work benefits:

Education and Technology
The Environment
Social Welfare, and The Arts

Within these four categories, The James N Kirby Foundation is guided by the following philanthropic objectives that target the key priority areas shown below:

Category Objectives Priority Areas
Education and Technology
  • To enhance Australia’s technical capacity.
  • To provide opportunities and support for all Australians to reach their full potential.
  • Australians considering or pursuing a technical vocation;
  • Access and opportunity for technical education;
  • Indigenous Communities;
  • Australians with Disabilities;
  • Australians in rural and regional areas;
  • Disadvantaged communities in NSW;
  • Early Intervention and school readiness programs;
  • Retention in education or training;
  • Programs that involve innovative use of technology .
  • Literacy programs
  • To promote, enhance and conserve Australia’s natural resources
  • Environmental Research programs;
  • Environmental education programs;
  • Animal welfare;
  • To support improved physical and mental health as well as quality of life for all Australians.
  • Children and families disadvantaged by chronic health issues;
  • Aged and Palliative Care
  • Mental Health
  • Medical equipment

Definition of Research

The James N Kirby Foundation does not normally fund research commercialisations or applications that are subject to commercial arrangements and IP ownership. It will consider funding for highly advanced equipment that will be used by multiple research projects that are synergistic with the James N Kirby Foundation mission.

The Foundation will consider applications for research or its application which will directly benefit the welfare of the community. These areas might include research that benefits community groups that might not otherwise be commercially feasible, research evaluations of the effectiveness of existing programs, or outstanding but small or pilot pieces of research unlikely to have an alternate funding source.

Social Welfare and the Arts
  • To strengthen our community and address social and economic disadvantage.
  • To promote the development of and access to the arts.
  • Indigenous communities;
  • Australians with Disabilities;
  • Rural and regional communities;
  • Disadvantaged communities in NSW.
  • Development of the arts
  • Programs that increase exposure and accessibility to the arts

Funding Principles

Taking into account the philanthropic objectives outlined above, the Foundation seeks to support projects and organisations whose work:

  • is innovative in nature;
  • will be capacity building;
  • will inspire and provide lasting social change.

Our Foundation also takes into account whether an organisation:

  • uses innovative or ground breaking concepts or methodologies;
  • has sufficient capacity to carry out the proposed activity;
  • collaborates with others in their field;
  • will be able to sustain results into the future;
  • has other financial support or will leverage the James N Kirby Foundation’s support to obtain further funding;
  • is committed to providing measurable outcomes that can be shared with a broader community.