Frequently Asked Questions

When is the opening and closing period for Grant Applications?
Please note change of closing date as from 2020.

Applications are open from 1 November and close at 5pm ESDT on 28 February each year.

Can I send a letter of application or do I have to complete a form on-line?
All applications must be submitted via our forms on-line.

Can I put in more than one submission?

No, only one submission can be received by an organisation per annum. A University may put in one submission per faculty per annum. A Hospital may put in one submission per department per annum.

What if we have two different requirements for funding – can I put both applications in?
No. You must select one project as only one submission can be received by an organisation per annum.

What if the project we have applied for receives full funding from another organisation?
The approved funds must be returned immediately to the James N Kirby Foundation.

What if the funding we require doesn’t meet your criteria?
We are unable to approve your application for consideration by The Board.

What if my organisation is not based in NSW?
Priority is given to organisations in NSW or, in some cases, to national level programs whose work primarily benefits NSW.

When will I be notified if my application has been successful?
Small Grants – within a month of the Board Meeting held in May.

When will I receive my Grant Distribution?
If successful, you will be notified within a month of the Board Meeting held in May and funds will be distributed by cheque before June 30 of each year.

Is there an acquittal report required and if so is there a template available?
It is fundamental criteria that all grant recipients supply an acquittal report. There is currently no template for this report.

Can I apply for a grant over $15,000?
Applications for Large Grants require a more extensive application process with greater scrutiny. In late 2016, the Foundation introduced an internal system whereby grantees were identified, researched and shortlisted for final selection. We will no longer accept on-line applications for funding in excess of $15,000.