Skills for sustainability leaders of the future

A grant of $7,000 was donated to the ‘Centre for Sustainability Leadership’ towards the flagship course ‘Future Sustainability Leaders’ which is akin to a Green MBA, equipping the best and brightest with the skills to be sustainability leaders for the future.

The following contribution is from Alexia Wellbelove, the scholarship recipient:

“In May 2009 I was extremely pleased to learn that I had received a scholarship from the James N. Kirby Foundation to undertake the Centre for Sustainability Leadership fellowship program. This scholarship has provided me with numerous experiences since that time. From learning about the theory of leadership and strategy, to developing my knowledge of the Australian sustainability sector, the course has been diverse. It has allowed an interesting mix of inward focus as well as learning about how we project ourselves in the media.

However it is not only directly through the course that this knowledge has been gained. The 24 other
participants on the course come from a broad range of sectors with diverse experience. From engineers, to lawyers through to environmental campaigners such as myself, there is much to learn from the expertise in the room each Monday evening. This provides for lively and always interesting discussion and debate on the key issues facing our environment.

And that’s just the first four months. As we reach the halfway mark and move into the project stage of the program, we have much more to look forward to. Personally I hope to learn even more from my colleagues on the program, and hope to continue to make the most of all the connections provided to me through the diverse range of speakers still to come. Throughout all this time the scholarship provided by the James N. Kirby Foundation has been invaluable in allowing me to focus on enjoying the course, and making the most of all these amazing opportunities. Thank you!”

Alexia Wellbelove
Scholarship Recipient

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