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Providing social change to Australia’s youth

Pathways believes it is vital that good parenting and healthy self esteem go hand in hand and should be implemented in the formative, early years of our children’s lives to ensure our youth remain positive about their future and achieve to their highest abilities.

Thanks to the strong support of the James N. Kirby Foundation, 2009 marks a significant year of growth for Pathways and in particular YoungStars…our weekend program for fathers and sons aged 6-10.

The aims of YoungStars are to:

  • encourage fathers to be active, rather than absent, in their son’s life;
  • celebrate fatherhood; and
  • teach and encourage self esteem in children from an early age.

With the James N. Kirby Foundation’s support, the YoungStars program now serves a much broader cross section of participants in regional areas and includes a stronger emphasis on parent education. We will deliver up to 10 YoungStars programs by the end of 2009 and aim to reach new YoungStars in South East QLD, Tasmania, Western Australia, mid-North Coast NSW and North Coast NSW.

YoungStars has achieved many additional milestones thanks to the James N. Kirby Foundation’s support, namely:

  • The creation of a revamped YoungStars training manual;
  • Specific YoungStars leadership training programs delivered to all Program Leaders;
  • A strong relationship created with Centacare in Dubbo with plans to roll out a YoungStars program there or in Forbes before the year’s end; and
  • The completion of the first ever YoungStars brochure which will help enormously as a marketing tool.

The Pathways Foundation greatly appreciates the James N. Kirby Foundation’s support in partnering with us to make large scale social change to Australia’s youth.
Kristin Canning
Corporate Relations Manager

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