Ted Noffs Foundation Continuous Adolescent Life Management (CALM)

Programs to equip youth at risk with the skills to better manage their own lives

The Ted Noffs Foundation supports young people at risk of substance abuse and mental health issues, and their families. We care for these young people through a
number of means including, life-management programs, residential rehabilitation services, school counselling and out-reach services, and through the Street University – a free centre which engages young people in educational, recreational, and arts-based programs.

The CALM (Continual Adolescent Life Management) Program is Noffs’ newest initiative. CALM is an innovative community-based life management program for young people experiencing various life difficulties which have led to disengagement from a supportive community setting. CALM works in partnership with these young people over a three-to-five year period as they endeavour to negotiate life’s transitions, improve their access to educational, employment and social opportunities, apply their potential, and connect meaningfully with the community.

Rather than adopting a ‘traditional case-management’ approach, CALM builds relationships between young people and the community; enabling the community to become the primary support network. We believe it is this ‘community connectedness’ that is the key factor in improving the lives of young people and achieving sustainable improvements in the areas of substance abuse and mental health. Indeed, since CALM began working with young people in late 2010 we have helped over 200 young people.

CALM is a welcome and much needed addition to the treatment profile for young people experiencing various life challenges and has been made possible through grants received by foundations such as that of the James N. Kirby Foundation. The Ted Noffs Foundation extends its sincerest gratitude to the James N. Kirby Foundation, whose generosity has helped change hundreds of lives and instils a sense of hope within young people, their families and the community.

Wesley Noffs
Chief Executive Officer

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