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Gawura – the progress is at times jaw dropping

The Gawura students are experiencing real growth. The children continue to race out of the bus and into school each morning with an extremely positive attitude about the day ahead of them. It is one of the great sights. The progress made this year across the age groups (Kindergarten to Year 6) is extremely pleasing and, at times, jaw dropping.

There are no great secrets in education. School is fundamentally about relationships, “having a go”, doing your best and having a little fun in the process. Gawura has a simple formula; the continuity of practice, work habits, expectations and attendance being paramount. The classroom programmes are systematic and intensive, with an emphasis on literacy and numeracy, delivered in a culturally supportive and enriching environment. The Gawura programmes continue to promote identity and cultural understanding. Wiradjuri classes are always a highlight of the week and the children take great pride in every cultural performance.

It is said that, “success has many parents”. The progress being made in Gawura is due to the hard work and dedication of many. Importantly, the common focus is always the children. It is wonderful to see the continued development of collaborative partnerships in Gawura and the unwavering support of the parent body, the Gawura Parents Advisory Committee, the Friends of Gawura, community members and organisations, our volunteers, the St Andrew’s Cathedral School community and staff, and of course, our generous benefactors.

We offer our sincere thanks to The James N. Kirby Foundation for their generous grant in 2011 which is in support of our Gawura teachers’ salaries. With a favourable ratio of three teachers to 22 students, each student is ensured the best opportunity for experiencing personal achievement and academic success.

“Education strengthens Aboriginality” (Dr Chris Sara).

David North
Head of Gawura

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