Daystar Foundation

Developing in-school education programs

Daystar Foundation works with some of the lowest socio-economic schools in South West Sydney, developing in-school education programs to help children stay at school longer, have a positive school experience and ultimately increase their life opportunities. Daystar’s programs run in 15 schools and include Music Club, Breakfast Club, Garden Club, Homework Club as well as Literacy Buddies.

Daystar Foundation’s Music Club aims to use creative music therapy to enhance cognitive and communication skills in emotionally and socially disturbed youth. The therapy has demonstrated success in improving students’ attention span, listening skills, verbal communication, hand-eye co-ordination, positive social behaviours and attitudes as well as the quality of their school work. Daystar collaborates with Nordoff Robbins Music Therapy Australia to provide this therapy.

Thanks to the support of the James N. Kirby Foundation, Daystar’s Music Club has been able to provide creative music therapy to the special needs students of Claymore Public School. The school is situated in the public housing estates of the suburb of Claymore, named in 2008 as the most disadvantaged community in Australia. The Special Ed class of K – 6 students have a variety of disabilities and special needs including autism, Aspergers, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, intellectual disability and behaviour disorders.

In the time that the class has participated in the music therapy, Claymore’s teacher has seen the students’ confidence and self esteem increase, to the point that they recently ran a whole school assembly. He has also seen an improvement in their social skills in particular with the way that the class interacts with each other and form relationships. Students are staying on task longer resulting in improved work quality. The teacher feels positive that this is a direct outcome of the work they have been doing at Music Therapy.

Daystar Foundation would like to thank the James N. Kirby Foundation for its generous donation supporting Daystar Foundation’s Music Club which has enabled the special needs students of Claymore Public School to undertake this creative music therapy.

Kingi Williams
Founder and CEO Daystar Foundation

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