How to Apply

During 2014, the James N Kirby Foundation reviewed its application process and, as a result, has introduced two financial categories for funding which are Small Grants (Less than $15,000) and Large Grants (More than $15,000). Each of these categories will now have different application processes and timeframes.

Applications for Small Grants - $15,000 or less

Open from 1 November to 28 February each year.

Applications for Small Grants are open from 1 November to 28 February each year. Applicants will be notified of the outcome within a month of the Board Meeting held in May.

Small Grants are the most popular bracket of funding either requested from applicants or eventually distributed by the James N Kirby Foundation. Please note Small Grants encapsulate funding from $3,000 to $15,000 inclusive. If you are seeking $15,000 then you would apply for that within the Small Grants category.

Applications for this funding category must include the following two items:

  • A completed on-line Small Grants application form available on this website. Please note that all fields of the application form must be completed. Applications received after 28 February will not be accepted.
  • A written submission of no more than 3 x A4 pages that must be on the letterhead of the entity endorsed as the DGR and must be signed by a Director, CEO or responsible person of the DGR. It should include specifics of the request including what the actual project is, why it is needed, who will benefit and what the expected outcomes are. The written submission can be uploaded along with the on-line application form.

Optional Information

It is also preferable, and would enhance your application if - on no more than one single page - a list of the names and qualifications of your organisation's Chair, Directors, CEO or Department Head was provided along with no more than two single page Signed References relating to either your organisation or the project you are seeking funds for.

You will be notified of the outcome within a month of the Board Meeting held in May.

Applications for Large Grants - More than $15,000

Applications for Large Grants require a more extensive application process, therefore the James N Kirby Foundation has introduced a 2 stage process. Applicants will not be able to progress to Stage 2 unless they have successfully completed Stage 1.

Stage 1: Expression of Interest - Open from 1 October to 30 November

Applicants seeking funds for more than $15,000 must complete an initial on-line Expression of Interest that is available only on this website. Applications received after 30 November will not be accepted.

Stage 2

If your EOI is successful, you will be invited to progress Stage 2 that will involve a further, more detailed application process.